Social Worker - Children -fostering

Location Swindon
Salary £33.00 - £35.20 per hour
work  Manage anallocatedcaseload appropriate totheextensive experience ofthe Experienced Social Worker,to include complex assessments of children,families and parenting and other work tomeet statutory requirements.  WorkwithinSwindonBoroughCouncil’s policies,procedures andgoodpractice guidelinesin orderto meet the needs ofthe children and families allocated.  Work with children and young people, families, carers and communities to help them make informed decisions, engender change enabling them to clarify and express their needs, and contribute to serviceplanning.  Maintain up to date case notes and otherrecords, utilising relevantIT systems, and write reports, including courtreports, and give expert evidence in court.  Undertakespecialistassessments,foryourandotherworkers’cases,forcourtproceedings, including parenting and kinship assessments.  Ensure that casework is up todate, comprehensively written up, andmanaged within agreed timescales.  Ensureyourmanageris keptfully appraised of problems arising fromcases orwork loadandtoseek advice as and when necessary.  When working withfamilies,to recognise monitor and assessrisk. To ensure information aboutriskis escalated tomanagersin a timelymanner.  Developandmaintainpositiveworkingrelationshipswithserviceusersandotherprofessionals.  Model good practice helping to setthe expectationsforothers.  Whereappropriate act asthedutyworkerfortheteamresponding toqueries andissues