Social Worker -Children fostering

Location Southwark
Salary £32.0 - £34.0 per hour
The role sits within the Safeguarding & Family Support Service. The Safeguarding & Family Support Service has strong links to the following areas as well as liaising closely with all service provision within Children and Families Social Care:
 Assessment and Intervention
 Care and Permanence
 All Age Disability Service
 Family Early Help
 Extra Familial Harm Services
Within this role, there will be case holding and management of the privately fostered children in Southwark, as well as some marketing opportunities to spread awareness of what Private Fostering is within Southwark communities. This which may include some training and workshops with partner agencies and different service areas within Children’s Services to develop more collaborative relationships and to enhance the delivery of services to our children who are privately fostered.
With the recent crisis in the Ukraine, the number of children privately fostered in our area will be increasing. This will impact on how the role is developed and how priorities are managed. However, as this is a new role, this will be looked at collaboratively as we want the person entering this role to have the opportunity to be successful in its delivery.
This job would be ideal for someone who is passionate, vibrant and ready for a new and exciting challenge which offers the development of specialisms in supporting children who are cared for away from their families. You will also have the opportunity to help develop the role and enhance how we deliver services whilst making a difference in promoting the welfare of children.