Social Worker-Children-disabilty

Location Enfield
Salary £29.15 - £31.51 per hour
1) To carry out assessments and undertake care management in the area of specialism. ( Disabled children and their families )
2) To make recommendations for service provision in accordance with the Children services threshold and eligibility criteria.
3) To provide a social work service to designated service users.
4) To manage, monitor and review care plans, involving disabled children and young people and their families, and liaising with other workers and agencies as appropriate.
5) To work at all times within the Council’s Financial regulations.
6) To be aware of the resources available within the specialist area, including other sources of funding so that the maximum benefit may be obtained for families within budgetary resources of Children Services.
7) To comply with the Children Services recording policy and to complete appropriate forms and documents as required.
8) To make use of management information systems, including information technology, in the recording, retrieval and analysis of information as required.
9) To be managed by and receive supervision from the immediate line manager/ designated person, and to be assessed against agreed standards and targets.
10) To undertake training as required and be proactive in undertaking activities to enhance professional development.
11) To work as part of a team, participating in the Duty system as required.
12) To attend and contribute to team meetings, practice meetings, peer supervision and other meetings as appropriate.
13) At all times to carry out responsibilities with due regard to the Council’s Equal Opportunities/ Race Equality and Health and Safety Policies as an integral part of the post.
14) To undertake any other appropriate duties commensurate with the post as directed by the Team Manager or Centre Manager.
15) To undertake the preparation of reports, statements and such other legal documents as may be required in relation to children Family Proceedings Courts, within the relevant time-scales to attend Court and represent the Children Services.
16) To undertake any other appropriate duties and responsibilities on behalf of the Division specified in the children Act 1989 and 2004, Adoption and Children Act 2002 and 2006 and their families to include:
 The investigation of alleged neglect, ill treatment or abuse of children and to make enquiries as to the need to provide services to such children, instigate agreed Child Protection procedures or an application to Court for an appropriate Order in respect of such children.
 The supervision of children made subject to Child Protection Plans within the guidelines set out by the Enfield Safeguarding Board
 The assessment and care planning of Children Looked After by Enfield in order that the Group’s statutory responsibilities are met.