Social Worker Children- Assessments

Location Somerset
Salary £41.53 - £43.83 per hour
Service Delivery
1. To carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Children Act 1989, Children Act 2004 and other relevant legislation.
2. To establish and implement service and care plans for children and their families in accordance with local and national procedures.
3. To manage a caseload which may include children and families with complex needs and require multi-agency co-ordination.
4. To maintain electronic client records systems in accordance with departmental procedures.
5. To maximise life chances for Children in Need and Children Looked After.
6. To contribute to team plans and the achievement of agreed targets for Children in Need, Child Protection, Children Looked After and Care Leavers.
7. To participate in training of staff in Child Protection and Children Looked After.
8. Development in accordance with Personal Development Plans agreed during Performance Review.
9. To adhere to and promote B&NES Equal Opportunities Policy and adopt practices that are inclusive and anti-discriminatory.


Working in a team
1. To ensure effective and accessible communication with staff, service users, the general public and others as appropriate.
2. To contribute to co-operative working across services in accordance with the Council's Vision and Values.
3. To contribute to cross-service initiatives as required.
4. To assist in ensuring effective external and internal working relationships are established and maintained with organisations and agencies relevant to the work of the service.

Service Development and/or Delivery
1. With the Team Manager participate in the formulation of detailed team objectives and policies.
2. With the Team Manager ensure the effective and efficient implementation of Council policies and the achievement of the Council's objectives, including financial ones.
3. To assist in ensuring the Team's services are responsive to community needs and that equal opportunity and health and safety issues are identified and addressed effectively.

1. Supervision and performance review will be provided by the appropriate Team Manager or Deputy Team Manager.
2. The work carried out by Children’s Services can at times be demanding and the post holder will need the personal resources to deal with these demands within a supportive management environment.
3. The post holder will be expected to maintain confidentiality at all times and, on occasions, may experience situations which may be upsetting.


Children and Young People Service supports children, young people and families across the Bath and North East Somerset area. As part of this, the Safeguarding Outcomes service includes the Triage Team, Family Support Teams and the Family Support Plus team. The Care Outcomes service includes the Children In Care Team, Family Placement Team, Disabled Children’s Team and the Adolescent and Care Experienced Team. The teams are made up of a Team Manager post, Deputy Team Managers, Senior Practitioners, Social Workers, Family Support Practitioners and admin staff.