Social Worker - Children & Families Team-

Location Derbyshire
Salary £22 - £23 per hour
  • To provide social work for all groups within the community.
  • To provide statutory intervention and other work with children, young persons and their families, with supervision by the Service Manager.
  • To provide social work support to Children Looked After. To assess potential foster carers and adoptive carers.
  • To provide social work with homeless and potentially homeless persons / families.
  • To act as Approved Social Worker under the Mental Health Act, if qualified.
  • To act as a Duty Officer within the Area Office, Sub-Office or Call Office, as required.
  • To provide direct social work with abused children and their families.
  • To undertake joint work with other Social Workers / other professionals in the completion of tasks.
  • To assist in the induction of newly qualified / appointed Social Workers.
  • To provide consultation to other social work staff on a particular specialism.
  • To keep up to date personal knowledge on resource trends, developments, and make use of research evidence in practice.
  • To co-ordinate area training in specific areas.
  • To undertake post-qualifying training as required.
  • To co-ordinate links with other agencies, nurseries, family centres etc (networking).
  • To participate in local planning groups / local practitioner groups.
  • To supervise social work students and trainees.
  • To initiate group and community projects in the area.
  • To serve on ad hoc bodies / working parties. To record all work undertaken and prepare reports / assessments.
  • To accept responsibility, with the Service Manager, for reviewing work on caseload at regular intervals.
  • This would include closure and transfer of cases