Social Worker (Children

Location Wrexham, Wrexham, Wales
Salary £17.66 - £19.80 per hour
Supervising social worker to complete mainstream and connected person assessements, and present to foster panel. Supervise and support foster carers. Undertake recruitement activities, including responding to expression of interests. Participate in duty rota for placement finding. Knowledge of relevant fostering legislation and policy.

To manage an allocated caseload which includes routine social work interventions, escalating those that are more complex and require a higher level of professional input.


The social worker will consolidate and develop the skills and knowledge gained through formal qualification, through mentoring and guidance from experienced practitioners and take on increasing levels of complexity, responsibility and independent decision making in their area of work.  This includes working as part of a team providing support to adults/ adults at risk and children / children at risk, their families and carers.


Working with individuals/ people needing care and support, their families and carers in need of support, to identify and assess risks and identify support that minimises risk, guided on practice through management supervision, co-working on more complex cases with an experienced Social Worker or independently in line with the Social Worker’s development,  knowledge and qualification


To undertake assessments, develop and design care and support plans and other appropriate plans e.g. Education plans, and recommend, when required, any identified need for external support/ provision from appropriate providers, working within budgets, and working in partnership with all services to ensure best use of resources and ensure necessary approvals are gained, when required.


To adapt and apply Social Worker techniques to ensure approach meets the needs of the individuals/ people needing care and support, their families and carers in need of support and work in partnership with others. To promote positive outcomes by taking appropriate action in the provision of professional support, advice and decisions to ensure that all individuals referred have a plan based on an assessment of need and that such plans are evidence based, recorded, reviewed and modified as appropriate.


To ensure practice and subsequent decisions safeguard the welfare of Adults/ adults at risk and children/ children at risk of immediate risk of harm and make decisions in the best interest of the adult/ child.


Postholders allocated to a Team which operates a duty system, will be required to undertake duty on a rota basis, respond immediately and effectively to cases that arise, understanding the recording system to identify the case and those who may/may not be involved including other professionals, undertaking assessments and planning around immediate crisis responses to ensure proportionate response to the situation, whilst recognising and managing potential risks.