Social Worker- Child Protection & Wellbeing

Location Devon
Salary £38.00 - £40.50 per hour
revious reference - RA - C&F M&E - ESW We require full time Social Workers for Children and Families (safeguarding Team) based at Oaklands Court, Tiverton. The pay rate is up to £40 per hour, and is dependent on the level of experience the candidate has. They are all based from Tiverton but all teams are currently working from home and SWs will have the opportunity to work from home more often as we will need to ensure social distancing in our very packed and busy office going forward. Experience of court work and child protection is essential. Office base is Tiverton. Up to £150 per week accommodation allowance, subject to the following criteria: o This is paid on a reimbursement basis – VAT receipts must be provided to evidence expenditure. o The candidate must be currently based at least 50 miles, one-way, from the proposed work base. CFCM1 is a large and lively team, based in Tiverton. Our “patch” is Tiverton and Cullompton, and so travel to visits is minimised, and the office is convenient to use as a base. With a permanent team manager, and a stable social work team, we are a very supportive team who help each other out when needed. Some of our agency workers have been in post over 2 years, and 1 has recently applied to become permanent. Despite working from home for the last year, we have stayed in touch with regular team huddles, and when restrictions allow, meeting up outside. Due to our base being the office, there are always some social workers from the team in the office. When we have a vacancy, it is for a planned move for a worker. Devon is a mostly rural county, and as our localities cover a large area and accordingly our candidates can be expected to travel some distance between visits. In some areas, candidates will not be able to rely on walking, cycling or public transport to make visits. We therefore require candidates to have access to their own suitable transport, subject to reasonable adjustments that may need to be made in line with the Equality Act 2010