Social Worker- Child Protection

Location Shropshire
Salary £26.00 - £28.20 per hour
Shropshire Integrated Community Services (ICS), provides a ‘discharge to assess’ and ‘admission avoidance’ service to two acute hospitals, four community hospitals and in community settings. ICS works at the heart of creative initiatives, helping people to move speedily and positively through the hospital system. Its strengths-based philosophy means team members seek to reable and maximise independence whilst adhering to an underlying principle that an individual’s own bed is better than a hospital bed.
ICS plays a big part in delivering improved local performance targets around the length of stay in all hospitals and reablement, while admission avoidance work, including social work integration in the Frailty project, also supports the achievement of targets. ICS would not be able to achieve without the close working relationship with START (Short Term Assessment and Reablement Team) and its exceptional work in reabling and promoting independence, and enabling individuals to achieve their personal goals.
The team is co-located with Shropshire Community Health Trust with whom it has an impressive partnership which facilitates effective joint working and improved outcomes for individuals.
The Social Worker roles are expected to undertake statutory Social Work functions in line with the Care Act and the Mental Capacity Act. To undertake duties expected of Social Workers in line with the Professional Capabilities Framework and in accordance with the specific job description attached. The Social Worker role will work with complex Adults, their carers/family as directed by the Lead Practitioner.
We are proud to offer a working environment that is supportive and rewarding, working as part of a team who are passionate about the work they do.
We offer training and development options within all roles. We have a supportive management team which encourages critical reflection/supervision and structured progression routes for Social Workers from ASYE to Advanced Practitioners.

To visit and work with families as required, assessing and re-assessing children’s needs and to carry out duties under the Children Act with particular references to Sections 17 and 47. 2. To act as a Case Manager where children are identified as being in need and co-ordinate Core Groups, as appropriate. 3. To act as Key Worker in cases where a Child Protection Plan is in operation. 4. To provide and contribute to Initial and Core Assessments as required. 5. To contribute to and to develop ways of identifying and assessing children determined to be in need within the criteria set out in the Children’s Services Plan. 6. To provide children and families with particular information and advice to assist in resolving problems. 7. To liaise with other agencies on behalf of service users, to co-ordinate the various resources and arrange specific types of assistance. 8. To carry out statutory duties as authorised by the Group Manager, Safeguarding Service and The People’s Director. 9. To present evidence and reports to Courts as required