Social Worker -Child Protection

Location Bradford
Salary £37.0 - £40.20 per hour
This is to replace Sandra Dobson's booking (543906) who leaves 2.2.22.
please extend to 30.6.22 when booking is created with a note to say 'in line with bulk extensions approved by D of F to 30.6.22'.

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4 The Council is committed, where possible, to making any necessary reasonable adjustments to the job role and the working environment that would enable access to employment opportunities for disabled job applicants or continued employment for any employee who develops a disabling condition.
Key Purpose of Post: explain the main purpose of post i.e. why does it exist, what is its
main focus. Information can be drawn from a relevant Job Description/Job Profile
To assist the Services Manager (Children’s Safeguarding & Review Unit) to:-
1 To provide a consultancy service to all managers and professional workers in agencies involved in safeguarding children.
2 To coordinate multi disciplinary inter-agency policy and practice in safeguarding children.
3 To ensure as Chair Person of Child Protection Case Conferences, Child Protection Reviews and Strategy Meetings that decisions are made in accordance with Bradford Safeguarding Children Board and agency policies and procedures.
4 To develop and monitor child protection plans and plans for other categories of children in need of safeguarding, which are identified as a priority by the Department.
5 To represent the Children’s Safeguarding & Reviewing Unit and/or BSCB at formal
Safeguarding events and forums, and to participate in formal groups that are addressing safeguarding issues.
6 To assist in the delivery of the Allegations Management Service dealing with allegations in respect of professionals or volunteers working with children in Bradford.
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out? and what does it seek to achieve? Information can be drawn from a relevant Job
Description / Job Profile
1 To offer guidance, act as liaison and influence the decision making, treatment and planning process in appropriate child care cases.
2 To determine the need for child protection conferences and/or other appropriate discussions and meetings under safeguarding procedures.
3 To convene child protection case conferences, arrange for appropriate attendance and chair such meetings. To enable constructive participation of service users in initial case conferences and reviews.
4 To monitor the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of plans to safeguard and promote the welfare of children who fall within current or future priority categories determined by Children’s Social Care Child Care policy. To conduct reviews and other meetings in relation to children subject to child protection registration.
5 To fulfil delegated responsibilities required of the Local Authority Designated Officer, providing advice and guidance to agencies and to record, coordinate, monitor and review agency investigations.
6 To provide advice and guidance in respect of safeguarding children to managers both within Children’s Social Care and other agencies as needed.
7 To design and be involved in the facilitation of training programmes for practitioners and managers from all agencies involved in safeguarding children.
8 To pursue ways of developing public and professional awareness of issues and problems associated with child protection, children at risk, children in care and safeguarding vulnerable groups.
9 To conduct occasional pieces of research or compile reports on aspects of safeguarding work.
10 To provide support and professional advice to the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board and its sub-groups.
11 To represent the Children’s Safeguarding & Reviewing Unit at relevant BSCB sub -groups and other professional’s forums, including Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements under the guidance of the Service Manager.
12 Where appropriate to make enquiries on behalf of the Bradford Safeguarding Children Board and Children’s Social Care into cases of death or serious injury to children and prepare reports for committee, members and senior managers.
13 Where appropriate to support BSCB Child Death Review and Serious Case Review processes, preparing reports for panels, BSCB sub-groups and senior managers of BSCB member agencies.
14 In consultation with the Service Manager, to Chair Strategy meetings when the independence of the unit is desirable and where there are allegations of concern, against carers or professionals who work with children.
15 To participate in the provision of a duty system which provides advice and guidance to Children’s Social Care and BSCB member agencies.
16 To provide cover as appropriate to other workers in the Unit including deputising for the Service Manager (Children’s Safeguarding & Reviewing Unit).
17 To support the safe recruitment of all staff, carers and volunteers working with children through the provision of vetting checks, as required by government bodies and BSCB member agencies.
18 To investigate complaints from children and families under the Children Act
1989 and the Children’s Complaints Procedure and to undertake independent
management investigations in accordance with local procedures.