Social Worker –Child Protection

Location Cambridgeshire
Salary £28.00 - £32.50 per hour

Senior Social Worker/Social Worker – Family Safeguarding based at Awdry House, Wisbech
Child Protection 

• To use professional skills, knowledge, and experience and a range of interpersonal
and specialist communication skills to gather information and make a full assessment
of risks protection and social care needs of individuals and carers/families, within
relevant legal and statutory frameworks, agreed priorities and current eligibility
• Refer to other relevant agencies and undertake joint assessments where appropriate
to ensure all risks and needs are considered.
• To arrange, provide or purchase appropriate services/care within the Departments
agreed priorities and resource framework to reflect best value principals and to
comply with legislation and statutory duties.
• Take appropriate action in conjunction with other agencies and within legal and
statutory framework, to protect vulnerable people.
• Manage an agreed case load in accordance with statutory and Departmental
procedures and objectives, and professional good practice to enable individuals to
achieve goals and maximise their strengths
• Monitor, review and reassess care packages/services against identified risks, needs,
and objectives to ensure the continued effectiveness in achieving required or wanted
• Make appropriate use of paper and computerised case recording systems to and
effectively contribute to professional case management and comply with current
legislation and Departmental Policies and Procedures. Records should be accessible
to individuals, colleagues and managers as appropriate.
Last updated: 19 02 2019
• Produce reports as required which comply with statutory and Departmental
procedures and capture and analyse information clearly and guide decision making
and case management
• Ensure knowledge of benefits, fees and allowances is current and advise individuals
how to access them in order to achieve maximum independence and manage
expectations and demands
Role Requirements:
• Applicants must hold a degree in social work or equivalent (e.g. CQSW, DipSW) and
be registered with the HCPC.
• Good communication skills – listening, understanding, ability to express self to
people from a range of backgrounds and cultures and ability to negotiate with service
users, relatives and providers.
• Able to write clearly and concisely and have experience of report writing.
• Able to assess risks, needs, analyse information and recognise problems.
• Understand equalities issues in social work practice and principals of safety, dignity
and empowerment.
• Understand philosophies, professional social work issues and legal frameworks
underpinning specific client groups and social services statutory duty and role in the
wider community.
• Experience of working with children and families in social work setting.
• Knowledge of Child Protection legislation and understanding of child protection
issues and substitute care.