Social Worker-child protection

Location Devon
Salary £38.50 - £40.50 per hour
Working primarily with 13 years old + who have child protection or child in need plans, this may include young people at risk of offending, exploitation or mental health needs. This is separate to our edge of care service called Bridges, you will be the young person’s social worker and undertake all statutory responsibilities accordingly.   These role will be within Children and Families with a work location of Tiverton and some work across North Devon. Remote working is not possible because you would be expected to work which children and families directly and undertake statutory expectations but it would not be a generic allocation, it would be specific type of allocation e.g all 0-5’s or e.g all 13 – 18 etc. Office working is still the same. All our offices remain open for access and use but we have limited numbers on who can be there. The message is still work from home where possible, however some feel it is better for emotional wellbeing and personal development to be in. Some will just use as a touch down between visits etc.
To use and model a restorative practice approach to build and maintain healthy relationships, and bring about change with and alongside people rather than doing things to or for them 2) To identify community and other natural sources of support, maximising strengths within families and communities using preventative/universal services. 3 3) To confidently undertake interviews, observations and gather information from children, families and other agencies to analyse, summarise and evaluate the information to provide a holistic assessment of a child’s needs, balancing risk and protective factors. 4) To produce focused outcomes-based and purposeful care plans for interventions within the context of managing the needs of and risk to children. 5) To understand theories of child development, parenting capacity and family and environmental factors and use evidence based practice to establish the needs of individual children. 6) To be responsible for investigations into cases where children have suffered or are likely to suffer significant harm and provide written and verbal reports which are concise, informative and based on analysis of complex evidence. 7) On the basis of assessed needs and risks, to work with families to devise, implement and review care plans, including the development and management of child protection plans for all children who require them in line with child protection procedures 8) To be knowledgeable about and enable families to access a range of appropriate services and interventions to meet the needs of children, their families and carers by assessing, arranging, co-ordinating, and monitoring provision within delegated levels of responsibility and in accordance with the required local and national policies, procedures, standards and legislation 9) To take a leading part in decision making about the appropriate use of legal proceedings to protect and care for a child or young person, and where such procedures are instigated, to prepare the required documentation. 10) To attend court as directed, present evidence and represent Devon County Council in court to inform decisions about the child or young person’s future 11) To chair multi agency meetings (e.g. Children in Need, core group,) determine plans from meetings and make recommendations to the relevant manager.