Social Worker - Child Protection

Location Bracknell
Salary £30.00 - £31.00 per hour
To identify the needs of children and families referred and negotiate delivery of services where appropriate.
2) To work alongside other professionals in assessing children in need and undertaking child protection enquiries.
3) To carry a duty caseload of single assessments under S17 and S47 of the Children’s Act and some short-term work (where this means the referral can be resolved speedily).
4) To take part in the Duty system (approximately one duty day per week), responding to child protection concerns.
5) To make effective use of time and be able to prioritise demand.
6) With the Supervisor, be able to set clear goals and strategies.
7) To monitor and evaluate demand and bring to the attention of the supervisor any resource shortfalls.
8) To develop and maintain accurate case records and comply with the Department’s policies and guidelines.
9) To promote listening to children at every opportunity; ensuring their views are heard, recorded and acted upon in an appropriate and timely manner.
10) To undertake any other tasks that are commensurate with the scope of the role that may be required from time to time.