Social Worker Child protection

Location Berkshire
Salary £20.00 - £22.50 per hour
Senior Social Worker based within West Berks MASH equivalent team (Contact, Advice and Assessment Service Triage). Primary role is to take and process new enquiries about children in West Berkshire. The difference between Senior SW and SW is level of experience, in addition to role modelling to less experienced SW's. They also supervise and oversight work undertaken by our youth workers in our early help service. 

Job Purpose
1. To undertake professional and comprehensive casework for a complex caseload of children and young people.
2. To maintain high professional standards and good overall knowledge of relevant legislation regulation and practice methods, and provide guidance and support to less experienced staff to help them develop their professional skills and knowledge.
3. As lead professional, to contribute to the provision of good quality services which integrate government and local initiatives and guidance (including Working Together, Child Protection procedures, processes for Children in Care, the Assessment Framework).
4. Senior Practitioners will be expected to take on a relevant lead area across the Service, including the delivery of training or dissemination of current research and best practice. In addition, they will be expected to deputise for the Assistant Team Manager during any periods of absence. Senior Practitioners will act as a role model for less experienced practitioners and demonstrate professional leadership as part of a collective effort to promote the profession and improve social work practice.