social worker-Child Protection

Location Tower Hamlets
Salary £34.00 - £36.50 per hour
Long Term Child Protection Team
Team Manager is Ashik Ali
- Manage diverse caseload that requires a range of skills - working with a CIN and co-working on CP cases.
-Complete statutory visits ranging from weekly to four weekly alone and with other social workers and professionals.
-Work in partnership with families on a range of issues - from advocacy to monitoring the care given to children by parenting, risk assessments to pre-birth assessment.
-Utilise strength based approach with service users such as Restorative and Trauma Informed Practice.
-Write supporting letters, making telephone calls, attend appointments and meetings with service users to ensure plans are formulating identifying appropriate services and support.
-Evidence work with families and partner agencies on the Local Authority database- Mosaic.
-Meet deadlines for professional reports such as pre-birth assessment, Section 7 report, Single assessment, which need to be clear, evidence-based and analytical.
-Liaise with other professionals to share information, collating and formulating plans.
-Work under a framework of legalisation; such Human Rights, Data Protection and the Children’s legislation.
-Actively participate in training, supervision, team development days and meetings so as to enhance professional skills and overall team effectiveness.
-Ensure Key Performance Indicators are met such as visits, report writing and assessment completion.