Social worker -Child Disabilities

Location Cardiff
Salary £29.00 - £32.00 per hour
CHAD recruitment
Come and join our dedicated, enthusiastic, and passionate child health & disability team in Cardiff.
We are an innovative and creative team from a variety of backgrounds including education, adult mental health, therapeutic, fostering and residential services.
We work together with children, young people and their families in conjunction with a range of professionals to create outcome focussed SMART plans that are child-centred.
We support children and young people who have complex needs associated with their disability throughout the span of their childhood. We work closely with adult services colleagues to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to adulthood. We are responsible for children and young people who receive care and support, care and protection and children who are looked after.
You will be given the opportunity to work with children who have a variety of needs and supported to develop specialist areas of interest. You will be provided with regular supervision, peer supervision, practice development opportunities and a range of training options. As a new member of the team you will be paired with an experienced buddy and have a comprehensive induction.
You will also be offered a competitive rate of pay and annual leave allowance, generous pension contribution and a market supplement which is reviewed on an annual basis.
“Before joining the child health & disability team I was nervous about my ability to support children who have complex needs. However, through the support of my team mates, manager and the variety of training and experience I have been provided with I have been able to build on existing transferable skills to become a confident social worker who enjoys supporting and mentoring others. The most rewarding part of my role is completing direct work with children, children with additional needs are children first and are at the centre of all of the work we do!”
Emily Diamond, Principal Social Worker.