Social Worker -- Assessment and Intervention Team

Location West Sussex
Salary £35.00 - £38.50 per hour
As a Children’s Social Worker you will be at the forefront of assessing need and risk for vulnerable children and their families. You will be responsible for achieving positive change and improved outcomes by undertaking high quality assessments, care planning and, as appropriate, child protection investigations, to prevent the separation of children from their families where possible. You will ensure that children and young people are adequately protected in line with our policies, procedures and relevant legislation.
Our Assessment and Intervention service is a fast paced, busy and supportive duty team completing child and family assessments, Section 47 enquiries, Child Protection and Child in Need work whilst planning for permanence from day one.
For this role you will be expected to demonstrate relevant theoretical Social Work concepts, practices and detailed organisational knowledge relating to the provision of a professional Social Work service dealing with complex issues e.g. attachment, impact of developmental trauma & child development. An understanding of the therapeutic interventions that can be used e.g. solution focused, systemic and evidence-based programmes and an excellent understanding of partner agencies. There is a regular requirement to communicate in English with members of the public.
Location: Bognor
Duty Weeks: PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SOCIAL WORKERS ARE REQUIRED TO BE IN THE OFFICE FOR DUTY WEEKS A worker would be on duty for one week in four and this is when work is allocated to them.
The candidate must be able to drive around the county to fulfil the requirements of this role.
The candidate needs:
- To be an experienced worker with at least 2/3 years experience.
- Recent Front line – child protection work
- Good assessment skills that are able to identify risk
- Direct work with children to be able to identify their needs - Good multi agency working experience
***Please note that your CV submission will not be reviewed if you have not completed the screening/profile questions with the exact information requested*** Please see attached job description.