Social Worker-Adults with Disabilities

Salary £19.22 - £21.60 per hour
Duties / Accountabilities
1. To provide a service to adults with physical /sensory /learning disabilities, older people and their carers, including those who are terminally ill. This includes working with individuals, and/or their families and multi disciplinary colleagues, providing practical assistance, advice and information, working with community supports and liaison with other agencies, seeking the help of other professionals as necessary.
2. To assess, sometimes jointly with staff from other teams, service users’ and carers’ needs including evaluating the level of risk, in accordance with agreed criteria and Divisional policies.
3. To assess for and provide equipment and minor adaptations in order to promote independence, and to monitor these as necessary, seeking advice where appropriate.
4. To make recommendations for innovative, cost effective and quality care packages where required to promote independence, to obtain authorisation from the relevant budget holder and arrange the provision of services.
5. To record unmet need using identified reporting systems.
6. To maintain and take responsibility for effectively managing a personal workload in consultation with the Team Manager.
7. To work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team liaising with other professionals including health and the voluntary sector ensuring that there is the fullest co-operation with other team members, in order to provide an easily accessible service geared to meeting service users’ needs.
8. To monitor and review care packages as required.
9. To ensure, along with other colleagues in other parts of the department, that service users and their carers are involved in decisions about care packages and the monitoring and review process.
10. To take responsibility for action in relation to the liberty or safety of service users in emergency situations.
11. To offer cover for other fieldworkers/team members at times of sickness or other absence, providing whatever essential service is needed in an emergency.
12. To accept work, including urgent work, from the Team Manager or any other person delegated to act on their behalf.
13. To assist in the planning of services in consultation with other professionals, to enable people to remain as independent as possible.
14. To liase with staff throughout Social Services as well as other departments of the Local Authority and to liase with statutory, voluntary and independent organisations to ensure that working relationships are maintained, developed and strengthened.
15. To keep up-to-date records, in accordance with the department’s Recording Policy prepare reports and comply with the administrative and financial requirements of the Department.
16. To ensure that service users’ finances are correctly assessed and handled in line with Departmental policy, and to arrange for the protection of their property when necessary.
17. To assist relevant managers in keeping with their allocated budgets and resources.
18. To attend study days, seminars, training courses, as required.
19. To seek and accept managerial and professional supervision on a regular basis from designated senior staff within the department and to participate in the Staff Development Scheme.
20. To seek advice and guidance on matters that need resolution and report shortfalls in services to line managers.
21. To be aware of and implement statutory requirements and council and departmental policy, practice and procedures in relation to professional, administrative and financial matters. This includes knowledge of relevant Social Services legislation e.g. Care Act 2014, Mental Capacity Act 2005 etc and welfare benefits.