Social Worker-Adults Safguarding

Location Berkshire
Salary £11.19 - £15.20 per hour
To provide people with good quality advice and information.
2 When relevant, to work with people to connect them to community resources.
3 When necessary, to work with people in crisis to stabilise their situation.
4 When necessary, to work with people to meet long-term care and support needs.
5 When necessary, to review care/support arrangements.
6 Where appropriate, to arrange Direct Payments.
7 To seek guidance as necessary and work jointly with managers or colleagues with specific skills,
qualifications, experience or knowledge.
8 To develop own knowledge of relevant services and systems relating to care and support needs.
9 To consider and respond appropriately to issues of risk, including safeguarding.
10 To promote equality as an integral part of the role and to treat everyone with fairness, dignity and
11 To communicate clearly.
12 To recognise health and safety is a responsibility of every employee, to take reasonable care of
self and others and to comply with the WBC Health and Safety policy and any service-specific
procedures / rules that apply to this role.
13 To ensure that all records / reports, in whatever format, are completed thoroughly and accurately
14 To ensure that own practice is of the required standard by knowing and implementing relevant
policies, procedures and guidance.
15 To actively participate in supervision, appraisal and relevant training.