Social Worker (Adults) Safeguarding

Location Bradford
Salary £17.65 - £20.00 per hour
Please can each candidate add onto their CV what their values and aspirations are.

Contribute to the provision of social work which enables people to remain independent, safe and well at home.
Provide effective social work which reconnects people to natural networks of support through creative support planning.
Operate a social work service within Departmental Policy, practice and procedures
Main Responsibilities of Post:
1. Undertake social work practice through a non-judgemental approach that upholds social work values and safeguards people’s rights in keeping with legal frameworks including the Care Act 2014, the Human Rights Act 1998, the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2007 the Mental Health Act 1983.
1. Uphold human rights as an expert in mental capacity, enabling positive risk and exercising complex decision making in line with professional criteria and making sure that work is appropriately planned, critically evaluated, reviewed and documented in a timely manner.
2. Engage effectively with situations of increasing complexity and challenge ensuring that the person’s wishes, feelings and beliefs remain central to decision making and that any decision taken is the least restrictive which may involve positively managing conflict within dynamic including multi agency input, complex family organisational dynamics, multiple problems/disadvantages and multiple significant risk factors.
3. Uphold people’s right to be in control and exercise choice over how their outcomes are achieved, through creative support planning which enables positive risk and reconnects people to natural networks of support in order to delay and prevent the need for care and support.
4. Assist in the development of new resources and work on specialist projects or service planning groups.
5. Make appropriate use of legislation to safeguard and uphold the rights of adults at risk of abuse and promote their welfare and emotional well being. Act as investigating officer within the West Yorkshire Safeguarding procedures undertaking enquiries in keep the statutory care and support guidance to the Care Act 2014 Section 42.
6. Give evidence to court and other relevant bodies as required, including evidence in court in proceedings including the presentation of reports and application of appropriate legal orders upholding people’s rights to speedy judicial review and advocacy in keeping with Article 5 ECHR.
7. To participate continuously in professional development activities, including regular supervision and appraisal, in line with registration and Social Work England standards.
8. To act in accordance with the priorities and policies of the Department. Actively promote and support Council policies on Equality and working in an anti oppressive manner
9. Self manage own challenging and demanding workload of cases, seeking support where necessary, undertaking research and applying emerging best practice.
10. Work in partnership with other agencies and organisations in line with the responsibility outlined above, upholding social work values in all aspects of professional practice. To contribute to multi disciplinary assessments and participate in planning meetings by ensuring that the 5 statutory principles of the Mental Capacity Act under pin all decision making processes ensuring that the person’s wishes, feelings and beliefs are central and that the person is understood to be the decision maker.

11. Apply social work ethical principles and values to guide your professional practice and decision making ensuring that practice is proportionate in keeping with Article 1 Protocol 1 of the European Convention of Human Rights, upholds the right to a private and family life in keeping with Article 8 and promotes principles of least restrictive interventions which reflect people’s wishes, feelings and beliefs. Demonstrate confident application of ethical reasoning to professional practice, rights and entitlements, questioning and challenging others using a legal and human rights framework.
12. Provide support and mentoring for newly qualified staff and volunteers as required. Contributing to and promote the development of practice, taking the initiative to test new approaches & contribute to the learning of others.
13. Take an active role in inter professional and inter agency work, representing the perspective of their organisation. Demonstrate and promote information sharing within/between organisations.