Social Worker -Adults -Safeguarding

Location Worcester
Salary £22.90 - £25.00 per hour
Note to supplying agencies: If your candidate is engaged by the County Council to undertake this assignment, please can you inform them that the organisation's job vacancies are available for them to view on the website: ** Please note that agency workers who apply will NOT be treated as 'internal applicants'. This means that they will NOT have their applications considered and processed alongside directly employed County Council staff where the post is advertised as being subject to restrictions**
Purpose of job:
 To ensure that the outcome of all work with adults in need of care and support, and with their
carers, is to promote their wellbeing.
 To ensure that opportunities to prevent, delay or defer the need for intensive services are
maximised by ensuring opportunities for re-ablement and independent living are always
considered and explored, enhancing individual and family resilience.
 To carry out and review Needs Assessments & Care and Support Plans for individuals and their
carers in a timely and effective way ensuring that they are involved fully in the process.