Location Swindon, Swindon, England
Salary £34.29 - £36.89 per hour
Please add any relevant information for suppliers POST IS FOR SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE LEARNING COORDINATOR Swindon Vision and Priorities: By 2030, Swindon will have all of the positive characteristics of a British city with one of the UK’s most successful economies; a low-carbon environment with compelling cultural, retail and leisure opportunities and excellent infrastructure. It will be a model of well managed housing growth which supports and improves new and existing communities. Swindon will be physically transformed with existing heritage and landmarks complemented by new ones that people who live, work and visit here will recognise and admire. It will remain, at heart, a place of fairness and opportunity where people can aspire to and achieve prosperity, supported by strong civic and community leadership. Our Priorities and Pledges can be found at Expanding, Strengthening, Transforming At Swindon Borough Council, we have a clear vision of what we want the future to look like. The success of our vision depends on working alongside residents with a strength based approach, enabling people to remain independent in their own homes as well as ensuring that we provide effective services to those who need us most. We seek to evaluate what we do as a service, identify and consolidate strengths, address weakness and learn as a service in order to improve what we offer and deliver to residents with Care and Support needs. Cultural change We want to build on a service that works for everyone, which evolves and is continually refined and based on reflection and learning. Its focus is community led support, and practice that is strength based, to enable people to live with as much independence as possible. Post holders key tasks will include: • Support all social work students within Adult Social Care • Liaise with a range of universities to support students resident in Swindon with appropriate placements. • Work with teams, Placement Supervisors and Practice Educators to set up appropriate placements for students. • Support and provide learning and reflective workshops and individual sessions to student social workers, apprentice social workers, practice supervisors and educators and newly qualified social workers. • Manage the practice educators within Swindon and maximise their impact • Proactively deliver training events in support of the above objectives • Assessment of evidence against guidance and agreed capabilities and provide feedback • Set up quality assurance processes for apprenticeship, student social work, AYSE and PEPS • Carry out observations of practice and be available for supervision to support social work practice