Social Worker - Adults Lifelong Sevices

Location West Sussex
Salary £28 - £30.05 per hour

Evidence of good assessment skills, including the ability to ensure regular reviews
and risk management with a variety of individuals, carers or families. Evidence of
effectively prioritising work and meeting deadlines.
Experience of working in partnership with those who access or need the service
and maintaining a focus on the needs of the individual whilst handling conflict and
Experience of forming effective working relationships within a multi-agency/
multidisciplinary setting.
Evidence of working with those who access or need the service to identify issues
and identify specific action by means of creative and pragmatic solutions.
Experience of managing levels of risk within a caseload.
This role will most likely last 6 months, and will pay up to £32 per hour.
Please note - we require the SW to come to the office for 2 days to do an induction and Mosaic training.
Most of the work can be completed on the phone or by Teams, but the SW will be required to spend 2 days a week doing visits, after their induction.
If the SW lives out of county and it is difficult for them to visit West Sussex, we will ask them to undertake phone and Teams reviews and assessments.