Social Worker - Adults (Grade 8)

Salary £26.16 - £28.66 per hour
Post located in Active Recovery team under management of Steph Hunter To meet the demand of care act assessments required and complex cases which are coming through see and solve. To enable to work through back log of contacts,will provide continuous visits and calls to all EIAs. Times of work flexible subject to managers approval


The Adult Social Care vision in Hull is of ‘a life not a service’.  Adult Social Care is person centred and focuses on individuals’ strengths to support them to take control of improving their own health, resilience and wellbeing. We want to maximise people’s independence so individuals can achieve their goals and aspirations and live life to the fullest. We work creatively with individuals, local communities and our partners, empowering them to deliver the best possible outcomes for people and to create a positive Adult Social Care culture. Our work is solution focussed, ensuring that those who most need support receive it and that we can continue supporting people in the future.


Social Workers provide a vital function within Adult Social Care, ensuring that individuals have a solution focussed plan towards achieving their goals maintaining their independence. They focus on individual’s strengths not their limitations and support them towards improving their own health and wellbeing.


To work as part of an integrated multi-disciplinary team to provide high quality social work practice.


With autonomy and independent decision making complete proportionate assessments and care and support plans in partnership with people requiring help to live their life.


Undertaking individual/and or joint assessments, the post holder will identify and promote steps forward and solutions that build on people’s strengths and abilities focusing on their resilience, personal knowledge, skills and abilities, family relationships, community networks, and universal services  (e.g. culture and leisure facilities like libraries and theatres, leisure centres). 


The post-holder will deliver solution focused interventions enabling people to shape their own lives, identify their own goals to sustain their independence as far as possible. They will acknowledge the person’s situation by employing active listening techniques; ask questions that search out possibilities, eliciting the person’s knowledge, skills and abilities, as appropriate.  They will assist them to agree goals as part of a proportionate assessment process.


The post holder will use Connect to Support to enable people to access information and advice and source local solutions to their needs that support wellbeing and independence.


Develop skills, knowledge and confidence to become a trusted assessor, contribute to assessments, sourcing of low level equipment/adaptations to support and / or maintain people’s independence.


Provide support, supervision and guidance within the team, mentoring / coaching newly qualified staff and working collaboratively with other professions e.g. Occupational Therapy, Nursing, and Physiotherapy.


Participate and contribute to practice development forums, encouraging professional reflection and shared learning to improve and develop self and others experience and practice.


The post holder will make sure that Care and Support Plans focus on positive risk taking and include steps to achieve individual goals and outcomes.


The post holder will have a comprehensive understanding of primary legislation and be able to demonstrate practice which addresses it.  This pertains to legislation such as Mental Capacity Act 2005, Human Rights Act 1998, Care Act 2014 and Mental Health Act 1983.


The post holder will be confident with writing reports and contributing to court reports, e.g. Court of Protection.