Social Worker -Adults -Disabilities

Location West Sussex
Salary £30.00 - £32.50 per hour
*Please note that your CV submission will not be reviewed if you have not completed the screening/profile questions with the exact information requested***
Join us – make a difference in our communities
We’re on a drive to achieve our ambition to provide West Sussex residents with
the tools and support to help children, young people and adults with Lifelong
Disabilities to achieve the outcomes that are right for them. We are creating a
Lifelong Service for anyone that has a lifelong disability – learning disability,
physical or sensory disability, acquired brain injury or autism – acquired before
the age of 25, providing a consistent approach where we understand and work in
partnership with children, young people and adults with lifelong disabilities,
autism and their families in order to:
• Offer early intervention
• Build on an individual’s strengths to develop skills and independence
• Build and promote links with the individual’s community
• Promote and maintain safety and good health, and
• Facilitate employment.