Social Worker Adults

Salary £23 per hour
Purpose of job:

To ensure that the outcome of all work with adults in need of care and support, and with their carers, is to promote their wellbeing.
To ensure that opportunities to prevent, delay or defer the need for intensive services are maximised by ensuring opportunities for re-ablement and independent living are always considered and explored, enhancing individual and family resilience.
To carry out and review Needs Assessments & Care and Support Plans for individuals and their carers in a timely and effective way ensuring that they are involved fully in the process.

Main Activities & Responsibilities:
Engaging with people to understand the reason for their contact and their presenting needs and to consider options for resolving these at an early stage.
To ensure information and advice is provided in the most appropriate format to the individual. 
To identify with the individual the outcomes they wish to achieve.
To work with the individual in their local environment supporting the individual to build support within their local community
To determine eligibility under the Care Act 2014
To undertake proportionate needs assessments/care and support plans within designated timescales, taking into account the individual, locally agreed performance standard`s.
To work closely with primary care/community services/hospital teams/voluntary community services.
To liaise with other professionals and carry out joint needs assessments as appropriate.
To ensure assessments and care and support plans are person centred, asset based and outcome focussed, concentrating on what the person with care and support needs, or carer is able to do, maximising wellbeing within a whole family approach.
To meet statutory requirements and follow best practice in relation to the Mental Capacity Act 2005
To consider and arrange independent advocacy as required under the Care Act 2014.
To consider eligibility for Continuing NHS Healthcare, completing CHC Checklists and referring on to request that a full Decision Support Tool is completed and contributing to this appropriate.
To ensure that the needs of carers are identified and appropriately met through creative support planning.  To ensure that carers are appropriately sign-posted to the range of information, advice and support services available