Location Staffordshire
Salary £27 per hour
  • Qualified Social worker 
  • Work with Key Workers to identify the need for and provide specific social work interventions. 
  • Develop a collaborative relationship with individuals with a disability of all ages and their families within which you can promote positive expectations of what they can achieve and understand their wishes and feelings.
  • Undertake observation and purposeful interaction with individuals, families and other professionals to understand the needs and strengths of the individual, their network of relationships and their capacity to consent.
  • Support and mentor Key Workers by actively engaging in peer group discussions about cases, to inform practice; and to identify the need for, and provide professional interventions.
  • Take responsibility for the provision, as required, of: o assessments under the Children Act, following Working Together Guidelines o Continuing healthcare assessments and reviews o Collaborate with the Safeguarding Team to ensure Safeguarding enquiries are completed
  • Instigating or undertaking court proceedings to secure the safety and welfare of individuals.
  • Substantial experience of planning personalised individual support for adults, young people or children with a disability
  • Evidence of promoting the involvement of people in developing their own care/support plans 
  • Understanding of the legislative and policy context of services for adults or children with a disability, including case law and findings from enquiries.
  • Understanding of disabilities and their impact, for individuals, their families and society
  • Knowledge of child, adolescent and adult physical, intellectual emotional and social development and family dynamics.
  • Knowledge and some experience of applying the Mental Capacity Act assessments, Best Interest Assessments or the Frazer Guidelines for assessment of capacity to consent..
  • Knowledge of mental health legislation including section 117 joint assessments
  • Understanding of the principles of the different funding streams available to support adults, young people or children.
  • Experience of working as part of a team, in developing services and the professional practice of colleagues.
  • Experience of enabling individuals and families to develop dynamic options for individuals to progress to independence
  • Evidence of applying a range of theories and models for social work interventions with children, adults, families groups or communities