Social Worker Adult Services

Location Cardiff
Salary £37 per hour
An adult social worker who can work across adults needs including learning disabilities, substance misuse, domestic abuse and other needs.

Excited to be piloting a new project which will see Children’s and Adults social workers working together collaboratively to take a Family Safeguarding approach and support children and their families, addressing their needs collaboratively.

The pilot will take place within the North Locality. It will seek to support parents who are experiencing the toxic trio or have learning needs / learning disability.

It is likely the following circumstances will be addressed:
  • High risk CASP cases which might escalate to child protection,
  • children subject to child protection plans where there are patterns of concern and significant adult need, PWP’s where additional work is needed to reduce our involvement, situations where we need the specialist adult worker to support us to understand the adult’s capacity to make and sustain change so appropriate plans can be developed for children.

Adult social workers will work alongside the children’s social worker.

The role will include:
  • Aassessment and support of adult need,
  • Analysis of impact upon children,
  • Analysis of capacity to make and sustain change,
  • Signposting,
  • Joint decision making,
  • Consultation sessions,
  • Group supervision and any other role identified as the pilot progresses.