Social Worker -Adult -Safeguatding

Location Berkshire
Salary £16.95 - £20.00 per hour

1. To receive and respond suitably to contacts from people who need support and their
2. To work with those people to identify how their needs affect them and what needs to happen to
manage those needs.
3. Where appropriate, to review those arrangements.
4. To undertake suitable work as required in relation to
 Safeguarding
 Mental Capacity
 Deprivation of Liberty
 Assessment and management of risk.
5. To provide social work expertise to other team members and undertake supervisory
responsibilities as directed by the Team Leader.
6. To develop and share specialist knowledge as required (e.g. on Mental Health,
Learning Disability, Dementia, MS, Acquired Brain Injury etc).
7. To record all relevant details relating to their work.
8. To take an approach which prevents, reduces or delays the need for care and support