Social Worker - Adult Learning Disability

Location Bedford
Salary £33.24 - £35.84 per hour
Require a social worker with Learning disability experience, to be able to work both remotely and in the community, supporting the care management process of the team. Undertaking assessments, support planning, reviews, safeguarding investigations, Duty, COP applications etc.
This is a busy and dynamic community team - so requires a confident and auntonous practitioner to join us.

1. To carry a workload reflecting increasing complexity, risk, uncertainty and challenge in line with the capability of a Social Worker with a minimum of one year’s post qualification experience in a social work role. Regular supervision will be in accordance with the departmental supervision policy.
2. To work with relevant current legislation and procedural framework in collaboration with service users in a specified service area, to assess their needs, identify options for meeting those needs, negotiate and review appropriate care within the Department’s priorities in line with the principles of personalisation and to ensure that care and support is person centred and as far as possible to empower service users have control over their lives. To Promote autonomy and development with vulnerable adults who have complex social care needs due to disability, exclusion, or diminished capacity and to work with them and their carers, liaise with service providers from within the Department or other agencies, as necessary.
1. To work within the values of the Department as expressed within the Care Act and ‘Putting People First’, promoting autonomy Independence, choice and wellbeing.
2. To manage a workload independently, seeking support and suggesting solutions for workload difficulties, exercising higher judgments and a degree of autonomy in situations of complexity, risk, uncertainty and challenge, reflecting on first year in practice anticipating issues which may develop.
3. To accept responsibility and work with individuals facing complex social and family crisis, undertake a range of assessments and safeguarding enquiries relating to vulnerable adults; making recommendations and decisions in carrying out actions relating to the liberty or safety of users, following best interest decisions, and where necessary in emergency situations, using the experience of line management and other experienced level social work practitioners.
4. To work in collaboration with service users to assess their needs and produce a statement of identified needs, agreed with or shared with users.
5. To identify with service users a range of options available to meet needs identified in line with the principles of Personalization/ Self Directed Support.
6. To assist in deciding which of the range of options will be offered to the service user and to carry out necessary tasks to implement planned action.
7. To act as the named person for the service user to contact within the Department.
8. To be responsible for coordinating an agreed care plan and, where appropriate, to implement and evaluate agreed action, including direct work with some users.
9. To work in collaboration with staff from other agencies, such as Health, Education, Police, as well as service providers from within the Department or from the Private or Voluntary Sector.
10. To maintain appropriate and up to date records on work undertaken in accordance with the Departmental policy and to adhere to confidentiality and Data Protection, policy and procedures.
11. To attend case conferences and meetings as requested and produce reports as necessary.
12. To undertake work on Duty or Point of First Contact with users providing direct advice and assistance as required.
13. To be responsible for monitoring, on an ongoing basis, the delivery of the service to users.
14. To work as a member of a multi-agency team where required, undertaking duties agreed with the Team Manager/ Line Manager.
15. To meet the requirements of Professional Capabilities Framework, Social Worker level , and of registration with the HCPC in respect of practice standards, conduct and professional development.
16. To institute and defend proceedings under the Local Government Act 1972, and to appear and make application on behalf of the Council before magistrates courts in connection with the Social Services functions.
19. To contribute to the planning, delivery and evaluation of services.
20. To be responsible for carrying out, and compliance with Health and Safety policies and procedures, as it applies to self, other staff and users.
21. To offer advice and be consulted within a specialist service area.
22. To ensure the requirements of the Complaints Procedure are compiled with and, if require, respond to complaints.
23. To carry out duties in accordance with Council any Departmental policies and procedures.
24. To act in accordance with and be aware of and carry out statutory
obligations, equality duties, and anti- discriminatory practice, challenging
and reporting areas of poor practice through line management.
25. To undertake any other duties of a similar level and responsibility as may be required from time to time.

Team Manager

Advanced Social Worker

Experienced Social Worker

Social Worker