Social Worker Adolescent Service,

Location Cambridge
Salary £40.00 - £42.00 per hour
Creating a greener, fairer and more caring Cambridgeshire
Our Corporate Outcome
Cambridgeshire County Council is a place where everyone feels valued and accepted.We are
an inclusive organisation with a diverse workforce, creating a positive and beneficial working
environment for all thatwe do and, in turn, enabling us to better serve and represent our
communities. We will work together to identify and remove barriers to inclusion and to
enable an environment where everyone feels able to bring their whole self and be their best
at work.
Our Values
Our four values are central to our culture, driving everything we do.
• Lives Over Services
We put people and our communities at the heart of everything that we do
• Collaborative
We respect and value people equally and work together through a shared purpose
• Creative and Aspirational
We use our bravery, boldness and curiosity to challenge and innovate
• Accountable
We take ownership for our outcomes, and responsibility for our behaviours
Children’s Services
Children, young people, and their families are at the heart of everything we do. We believe
that delivering Children’s Services well has the potential to transform the lives of children,
young people and their families across Cambridgeshire. We are committed to safeguarding
and promoting the welfare of children, young people and their families. We help children,
young people and their families to build their resilience and community connections and
empower them to find their own solutions to problems. We understand that children and
young people are not all the same, but they all deserve outstanding services.
We promote diversity and want a workforce that reflects the population of the communities
we serve in Cambridgeshire.
Family Safeguarding Model
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Cambridgeshire Children’s Services use the Family Safeguarding model which is a strengthsbased, whole system approach to children’s safeguarding. Social workers are co-located with
Specialist Adult Practitioners in domestic abuse, mental health and substance misuse as part
of multi-disciplinary teams.
Motivational Interviewing is a core element of the Family Safeguarding model ,supporting
families in dealing with a variety of mental health, substance misuse and domestic violence
issues; planning and connecting them with the resources they need to achieve such change
and helping them to find their own personal motivation for positive change.
A structured workbook is used by practitioners for recording case notes with the aim of
improving information sharing, streamlining processes,