Social Worker - Adolescent Service

Location Cardiff
Salary £33 - £37 per hour
The 11+ Team is currently a statutory Social Work team within the Adolescent Service, 

An 11+ Social Worker will have the passion, patience and understanding to work with adolescent behaviour, being able to develop their strengths and understand and work through risks and actual harm.

An 11+ Social Worker has a case load of no more than 12 - 13 young people, who maybe 'edge of care' or/and be exploited in some form, whether sexually or criminally or be a high risk of being so.

There maybe be other issues within the family such as domestic violence, mental health and/or substance misuse.

Although currently a statutory case managing team, the 11+ team will change functions at some point in the near future to become non-case holding.

The team will instead continue to work with adolescents and their families in creative ways to build resilience for them and Children’s Services.

The functioning of the team in the future is exciting but also not yet defined.

This could include supporting with edge of care, exploitation, age and Southwark Judgement assessments.