Social Worker -A Head Of Children Safeguarding

Location Gloucestershire, England
Salary £540.00 - £555.00 per day
A Head of Service in Children’s Safeguarding & Care Services is accountable for the quality and impact of practice across a defined area of operations with the intention of improving the lived experience and outcomes of children and young people supported by the service they lead. The post holder is responsible for establishing, developing and maintaining a culture of learning and performance across the management and staff group under their leadership. The post holder is responsible for developing positive collaborative working relationships with partner agencies, provider services, voluntary and community groups to achieve shared aims in supporting children and families. The post holder is responsible for delivering effective services within their allocated budgets and achieving good value for money. In addition to operational accountabilities, Heads of Services hold a number of County-wide strategic and portfolio responsibilities for improving areas of practice and partnership working.


This is what we need you to do...

  1. Ensure the primary focus of the Service, every manager and practitioner working within it, is on the safety and welfare of children and young people.
  1. Demonstrate effective leadership of children’s social care, creating an environment in which relationship-based social work can flourish.
  1. Promote and embed Systemic Practice across the Service in line with the Implementation Plan.

  1. Develop a learning and performance culture in which all staff are expected and enabled to develop their knowledge and skills, and fully accept accountability for the quality and impact of their practice.

  1. Work collaboratively with statutory agencies, key partners, voluntary and community groups to achieve the shared aims of improving the lived experience and outcomes for children and young people in Gloucestershire.

  1. Model a commitment to continuous professional development and continuously explore opportunities to improve the quality of practice and effectiveness of services.



  1. Build the resilience and morale of staff through good communications, engagement and involvement in key decisions and proposed changes.
  1. Address evidence of shortfalls and well-founded criticism with a willingness to learn and to change.

  1. Show a tangible commitment to fairness and quality, and positive action to overcome prejudice and discrimination.

  1. Provide sound analysis of quality assurance and performance data reports for the Service as required.

  1. Control spend and provide services within the budget allocated to the Service, contributing to annual budget setting and demonstrating value for money.

  1. Prepare the Service for and contribute to successful inspection and review, achieving improved grades in all aspects of practice and service delivery.

  1. Act at all times in a way that enhances the reputation of the Service and the Council.

  1. Deputise for your line manager when required.