Social Work Practitioner DOLS

Location Wirral
Salary £30.00 - £33.51 per hour
Manage a case load where circumstances and needs have indicated high levels of risk and complexity, multiple incidents of safeguarding, critical decision making in relation to investigation and protection arrangements and recourse to legal applications (court of protection. 2. Work alongside practitioners on cases where there are particularly high levels of complexity or risk. 3. Ensure that effective risk management, decision making and preventative work is undertaken to promote independence of individuals and carers whilst taking into account the need to safeguard people effectively. 4. Chair child or adult protection operational meetings where there are particularly high levels of complexity or risk. 5. Ensure that complex cases that involve partners and their respective legal, statutory and regulatory functions are referred to the Safeguarding Unit for wider consideration. 6. Support interventions that may require complex court work (court of protection). 7. Take a constructive approach towards innovation and changes in methods of working which best improve the outcomes for individuals. 8. Contribute to the development of safeguarding interventions related to the personalisation of social care and the implementation of these arrangements. 9. Lead on specific projects including service developments as required. 10. Authorise and quality assure reports, assessments & court documentation to ensure appropriate evaluation of risk & present evidence based statements to Court. H:Corporate ServicesHRManagementBusiness PartnersJDsFinalised JDsSpecialist & TargetedSocial Care (Social Workers CYPD & DASS)PC0015P JD Advanced Social Worker Final 150710.doc Page 2 of 6 KEY RESPONSIBILITIES People Support and mentor practitioners in developing skills and expertise in safeguarding and the management of risk which will lead to improved outcomes for individuals. Ensure that individuals and carers are involved in timely assessment support planning and review processes, and that care and support plans are person centred and focussed on individual outcomes. Working with other professionals and partners to achieve effective integrated and joint working through initiatives that require a multi-agency approach. Establish peer review learning initiatives in operational services and promote best practice and high standards of practice. Act as a Practice Educator for students on placement and support staff on-going learning and development needs. Identify professional development and training needs of employees and to share that with the relevant Team Manager. Assist with the recruitment and selection of staff. Develop and promote effective multi professional working when dealing with safeguarding cases with partner agency professionals. Ensure that practitioners are effectively recording all documentation including day to day tasks and assessments. Allocate and manage workloads to take into account experience, capacity, complexity and skills of workforce. Work closely with the Safeguarding Officers to develop best professional practice, policy and procedural developments and implement an induction programme for all new staff in relation to safeguarding. Develop networks between operational teams and external groups to promote safeguarding initiatives. Contribute to dignity in care initiatives with external partners. Responding to Councillors queries and attending Committee meetings when necessary.