Social Work Practitioner Child protection

Location Wirral
Salary £36.00 - £38.50 per hour
Working within the standards of conduct, performance and ethics as described by the Health and
Care Professional Council (HCPC), ensuring compliance with legal, organisational and multi-agency
requirements, take a lead role in ensuring that all operational social work practice involving
safeguarding, child protection and high-level risk is of the highest possible standard and in
accordance with relevant legislation and agreed policy, procedures and guidance.
• Ensure through the provision of services that children are safe and achieving good outcomes.
• Provide practice or professional leadership, through the development of research-informed
practice, quality assurance, staff development, knowledge development or management.
• Influence and contribute to strategic development in the organisation.
• Guide and support a range of internal and external professionals on cases where there are
particularly high levels of complexity or risk.
• Ensure that effective risk management, decision making and preventative work is undertaken to
ensure that children are safeguarded effectively.
• Chair meetings that carry high levels of complexity or risk.
• Ensure complex cases that involve external partners and their respective legal, statutory and
regulatory functions are referred to the Safeguarding Unit for wider consideration.
• Support interventions that may require complex court work (court of protection).
• Authorise and quality assure reports, assessments and court documentation to ensure
appropriate evaluation of risk and present evidence-based statements to Court.
• Take a constructive approach towards innovation and changes in methods of working to
provide the best outcomes for children and families.