Social Work Assistant (Social and Healthcare Unqualified

Location Brent
Salary £17.93 - £20.23 per hour
  •  To meet with children, their families and carers in an office or home environment, or elsewhere with a view to carrying out risk or child and family assessments and human rights assessments.. To hold an allocated caseload and be responsible for the provision of direct services to children in need and their families. This will involve carrying out assessments of need and providing practical and supportive services based on those assessments, reviewing plans for children and families including child in need plans and support plans within the London Borough of Brent’s policies and procedures. To coordinate multi-agency support plans.
  • To provide practical and supportive services to those service users for whom they are the allocated worker. This will include working with children and families in need of support, families on the threshold of child protection concerns, those subject to child protection plans and/or care plans.
  •  To act as a source of advice and expertise to families, health, education and social care professionals in developing and implementing agreed care plans for children and young people.
  •  To keep social workers/team managers informed of situations where a child(ren) could be at risk of harm or where a more comprehensive assessment of need is indicated.
  •  To contribute to the assessment of needs on more complex cases where a social worker or other professional is already involved. To keep other professionals informed of developments and alert them to situations where a child(ren) is at risk of harm or where they require a more comprehensive assessment of need.
  • To write reports, maintain records and attend any meetings or Case Conferences in relation to children and young people, parents or carers. To provide specific reports in cases where the Department is involved in legal proceedings and to attend the court as necessary.