Social Work Assistant (Scale 5)

Location Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Salary £12.33 - £14.83 per hour
Note to supplying agencies: If your candidate is engaged by the County Council to undertake this assignment, please can you inform them that the organisation's job vacancies are available for them to view on the website: ** Please note that agency workers who apply will NOT be treated as 'internal applicants'. This means that they will NOT have their applications considered and processed alongside directly employed County Council staff where the post is advertised as being subject to restrictions**

This information is provided as an indication of the purpose and type of responsibilities for this type of role. It is not an exhaustive list, but designed to provide you with sufficient information to understand what is typically required in this type of role. This guide is not the actual Job Description and Person Specification, but is provided as a general guide for development planning purposes. Actual Job Description and Person Specifications are maintained and reviewed by Services. If you are planning to apply for a role, please refer to the actual Job Description and Person Specification provided in the advertisement. Purpose of Role  To support and deliver person centred social care assessment and support plans that achieve positive outcomes for service users and promote independence and wellbeing  To refer and signpost service users and self-funders to relevant agencies and other sources of advice and support  To provide practical support and assistance to service users to support them to regain independence and reduce the need for long term social care services Typical Main Responsibilities in this type of role  Conduct assessments with service users as directed, applying national eligibility criteria and identifying the best and most appropriate outcomes for the individual  Work alongside eligible service users to produce support plans that meet their individual outcomes in a creative and cost effective way, focus on short term interventions and that enable independence to be regained and reduce the need for on-going or longer term social care services.  Where on-going social care support and services are needed, provide advice and support to enable self-directed support, including individual budgets and Direct Payment processes, supporting with the application process if required  Signpost service users and self-funding individuals to relevant agencies and universal services available to them in order to meet needs and outcomes  Provide dedicated and practical support and assistance to service users when required to assist them in accessing services and activities to meet their identified outcomes and / or settle into new living arrangements.  Correspond and liaise with external agencies at the request of and on behalf of service users, to facilitate and progress arrangements to meet their individual outcomes (e.g. Housing, Health)