Social Care - Qualified

Location Bootle
Salary £27.57 - £29.67 per hour

‘ Experienced practitioners with considerable experience in the field of Safeguarding Adults is expected to undertake complex casework including assessment and management of risks. Recognised by peers as a source of reliable knowledge and expertise demonstrating critical knowledge of the range of theories and models for social work intervention. Expected to oversee the teaching and assessment of social work students carrying out practice learning placements as required. Experience of court work preferable. Anticipate requirement will extend beyond June2021. This post is office based in Bootle


To contribute to the operational delivery of an effective Vulnerable People Service as part of a team responsible for safeguarding, promoting the welfare of and continuously improving outcomes for vulnerable people.


To manage a complex caseload, delivering high quality assessments and support plans that address the needs of vulnerable people through the commissioning of individual packages of care, whilst managing the reputation of the Council.



MAIN DUTIES         
  • Hold and effectively manage a complex and varied caseload with appropriate supervision, guidance and support, reflecting the function of the team and the Vulnerable People Service in accordance with policy, procedures, guidance and legislation.
  • Undertake work within legislative frameworks including the preparation of written statements and representations to the judiciary at Court hearings.
  • Be accountable for complex decision making in relation to caseloads ensuring professional judgement, service user involvement, needs led assessment, critical reflection and analysis to inform this.
  • Identify and assess levels of risk and need (within statutory frameworks) in often complex situations. Undertake safeguarding investigations and deliver protective and/or supportive services for individuals at risk and maintain up to date assessments, care plans and reviews.
  • Prepare statements of need/care and support plans, in consultation with other agencies as appropriate,  that reflect the wishes of the individual and lead to the commissioning of personalised packages of care.
  • Negotiate personalised care arrangements with individuals and significant others that offer choices within affordable resources based on an allocated budget.
  • Undertake direct work with adults and their families in line with care plans.
  • Work co-operatively with both internal and external colleagues across multi - agency boundaries. 
  • Undertake specific responsibilities as required by the service, for example the role of AMPH which may require out of hours duty.
  • Communicate skilfully and confidently in complex or high risk situations. Model and help others develop communication skills
  • Attend and represent the department at a range of multi-disciplinary forums and undertaking the role of chair as required.
  • Model critical reflection and evidence based decision making and support others in developing these.
  • Demonstrate a critical knowledge of the range of theories and models for social work intervention with individuals, families, groups and communities and the methods derived from them.
  • Contribute to current practice expectations, indentifying areas of poor practice issues and taking appropriate action. 
  • Model inclusive practice in relation to identity and diversity, challenging any issues of concern.
  • Take responsibility for obtaining regular professional supervision to ensure effective practice, reflection and career development.
  • Prepare and participate in Performance and Development Reviews, identifying areas for improvement and carrying out agreed learning and development opportunities including using research to inform practice.
  • Take responsibility for the professional learning and development of self and others including participating in team meetings and contributing to the development of the team.
  •  Be responsible for overseeing the management, teaching and assessment of social work students carrying out practice learning placements.
  • Ensure that reports are up to date, of a high quality and submitted according to appropriate timescales.
  • Ensure that expenditure on cases is properly authorised and recorded.
  • Be responsible for accurate, sensitive,  timely  and up to date data entry on all cases including:
  • -       data entry on IAS and any other electronic tools or database
  • -       data required for specific PIs/targets,
  • Due consideration being given to any legal and human rights of the individuals concerned.
  • Ensure that client information data is lawfully gathered, accurate, up to date and only divulged in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the local government common law duty of confidentiality.  Failure to apply these duties can lead to the individual or the Service facing court proceedings.
  • Undertake any other duties as directed from time-to-time to meet the exigencies of the service.