Social Care Assessor - Adults

Location Staffordshire
Salary £13 - £14 per hour
1. Assisting colleagues in screening initial approaches to the Directorate for assistance.
2. Initial assessments of need and assisting colleagues to prioritise the urgency of intervention.
3. A range of assessments based on a person centred approach within the context of the White Paper: Our health, our care, our say.
4. To accurately record needs and to ensure that these records are confidential, but readily available to team colleagues
5. To include and involve other professionals, and other individuals as appropriate.
6. Construct clear and concise Care Plans designed to meet the identified needs of people and to services are in place using a range of in-house, independent and Voluntary Sector Providers.
7. Review care packages on a regular basis (at least annually) and notify all relevant people to changes to the Care Plan. Where necessary, to undertake comprehensive reassessments.
8. To report any major concerns regarding Service Providers to the Case Manager.
9. To ensure that all Care Packages are costed out effectively and in accordance with the Directorate guidelines and in line with the Directorate’s current Charging Policies.
10. Ensure that the Directorate responds within regulatory performance frameworks and guidelines.
11. To assist colleagues in ensuring they also respond within regulatory performance framework guidelines.
12. To participate in regular supervision and consultation with the Case Manager and to ensure that they are made aware of all issues of major importance or concern.
13. Promote the use of Individualised Budgets and Self Directed Support with people needing services and their families.
14. To keep abreast of modern thinking and practice as it relates to social care for vulnerable adults.
15. Keep abreast of changing national policy in respect of Individualised Budgets and to contribute to policy innovation/revision as required.
16. To liaise effectively with other agencies and other colleagues within the Directorate and act as a point of contact for Providers.