Social Care Assessor

Location Liverpool
Salary £17.57 - £19.97 per hour
The post holder will:

1. Promote a model of self-directed support with service users and carers to identify their
own solutions.

2. To provide advice, information and support to enable individuals to access universal

3. To assist service users in supported self-assessment process.

4. To carry out needs led assessment/reviews for adults with a disability who are
experiencing difficulties while undertaking activities of everyday life.

5. To promote the social/physical/mental wellbeing of service users and carers.

6. To undertake outcome focused assessment/reviews in a variety of settings including

service users home, hospital or care home.

7. As required act as a Person Centred Planner to support service users and carers in the
production of person centred support plans.

8. To work in partnership with, or as part of, an integrated team of allied health and social
care professionals (AHP)

9. Delivery of non-complex care plans ensuring care delivery is in line with the
personalisation agenda and promote wellbeing.

10. To undertake support planning with service users already assessed by social workers
where an indicative budget has been agreed.

11. To act in a preventative/enabling role where following initial assessment a service user
is not eligible for services but may benefit from advice/information/signposting.

12. To maintain an up to date knowledge of services/resources in the community and
facilitate service users in the identification of services within the community and where
appropriate the purchase of services to meet their short and long term needs as
identified by them.

13. To undertake reviews of service users current service provision including community
based care packages and care home placement and arrange for any change in service
as necessary.

14. Maintain financial awareness regarding value for money in the delivery of care

15. To ensure financial assessments for care packages in the community are notified to
finance officers and ensure service users are advised where to receive benefit advice.

16. To work jointly with social workers in tasks or areas of work as identified by social
worker/team leader.

17. To assist in resolving complaints from service users/carers.

18. To provide support for non-complex service users in their dealing with family members
and carers, the council or other agencies such as benefit agencies.

19. To promote effective communication with service users, families and carers and
positive communication between caring agencies through liaison with, for example, GPs
or other health professionals, voluntary organisations and other statutory bodies as

20. To undertake carers assessments and implement support plans for carers with non-
complex needs.

21. Take responsibility for obtaining regular professional supervision to ensure effective
practice, reflection and career development.

22. Identify safeguarding concern requiring investigation by a social worker.

23. Prepare and participate in performance and development reviews, identifying areas for
improvement carrying out agreed learning and development opportunities including

using research to inform practice.

In teams delivering a community housing assessment function SCA will:

24. To support service users in the assessment process relating to housing and

25. To support service users in making applications for local housing resources.

26. To support service users in accessing local housing provision.

27. To advocate on behalf of service users when liaising and communicating with all
relevant agencies (including local housing services)

28. To work within a multi-disciplinary team approach in supporting service users housing
and homeless needs.