Socail Worker -Adolesence and Family Resource

Location West Sussex, England
Salary £30.00 - £32.50 per hour
PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SOCIAL WORKERS ARE REQUIRED TO BE IN THE OFFICE FOR DUTY WEEKS WSCC SW TEAMS – BENEFITS Currently planning the roll out of the Family Safeguarding model and starting to arrange training in motivational interviewing for our perm and agency staff. Unfilled vacancy gap less than 5% so teams well staffed. Agency staff are treated as part of the service and encouraged to attend transformational and other leadership events Please note that this role will pay up to £36 an hour LTD. Candidates can be based at either Bognor or Worthing but cases could be allocated county wide so the candidate must be prepared to travel.

1. Able to analyse and interpret information and data, prioritise needs and formulate plans for intervention and service provision.

2. Able to work proactively as a member of the team to make accurate assessments of needs and negotiate and implement effective outcomes.

3. Able to work in partnership with carers, colleagues and external agencies to deliver an effective service.

4. Able to communicate clearly and effectively in both written and oral format, including the ability to explain complicated information to others and use negotiation and persuasion skills to encourage others to adopt a course of action.

5. Able to recognise limits of own accountability and responsibility and seek appropriate support, advice and supervision.