Service Manager - Through Care Team

Location Portsmouth
Salary £340 - £360 per day
An experienced social work manager who understands the value of social work
intervention with vulnerable children, young people and their families. We are
seeking inspirational, committed and motivated individual who is ready to shape the
changing face of social work today raising professional standards by delivering and
developing an outstanding service.
You will have a recognised professional qualification in social work, excellent
organisational and communication skills, and take pride in everything you do.
You will be curious and creative and above all have a 'can do' attitude. You will
be able to work as part of a team and ensure that front-line practice contributes
to strategic priorities.
You need to:
1. Have a Social Work Diploma/Degree/MSc (or equivalent) and be Social Work
England registered.
2. Be a confident and competent leader, manager and supervisor and be able to
model the values and behaviours that are consistent with delivering our vision.
3. Have an ability to bring together different disciplines and organisations and work
towards a common aim and service improvement.
4. Take an active role in contributing to the development of an integrated model and
address any challenges that arise as part of the change management process.
5. Support the organisation/partnership through a period of culture change and
broker arrangements with key stakeholders to promote understanding and
partnership responsibilities.
6. Be a collaborative leader to help develop multi-agency practice so that all
stakeholders understanding the need to modify practice approaches and
transform the service.
7. Have the ability to use statutory procedures and local standards/processes to
inform good practice and service delivery.
8. Have demonstrable experience of performance management and a proven ability
to deliver results in respect of improving services and assuring the quality of
9. Have the ability to enable and promote learning and development, through
providing advice, guidance and support, by facilitating action learning sets,
restorative meetings, reflective practice sessions, supervision and/or training etc.
10.Be able to demonstrate an appropriate use of authority and to be able to support,
challenge and scrutinise professional practice to improve outcome for families.
11.Be able to take responsibility for self-directed learning and evidence effective
professional growth and development by being evidence and research informed
and knowing what works and what good looks like.
12.Be able to contribute to staff development through coaching and mentoring.
13.Be able to manage stress and assist others in developing strategies for
prioritising work and balancing competing demands/pressures to promote
wellness in work.
14.Have good organisational and communication skills, including an excellent
standard of written and spoken English, plus strong IT and analytical practice and
performance skills.
15.Demonstrate a healthy professional curiosity and generosity of spirit to ensure
that vulnerable people receive support and intervention to be safe, well, valued
and respected.
16.Have a good working knowledge and experience of promoting anti-discriminatory
practice and addressing equality of opportunity issues.
17.Be clear about information sharing standards, expectations regarding informed
consent and the legislation that underpins this.
18.Engage with service users, partners, staff and senior leaders/elected members in
a manner that is clear, open, honest and helpfu