Senior Safeguarding Practitioner

Location Shropshire
Salary £32.32 per day
This role is to cover maternity leave, it's for an initial period of 6 months but may be extended

The position of a Senior Safeguarding Practitioner acts as managing officer within the Safeguarding Team requires the post holder to manage adult safeguarding cases and identify areas of risk. They are required to direct staff, providers and other agencies to undertake tasks to reduce that risk. This carries with it considerable responsibility, and it will be necessary to make difficult and challenging decisions. The Senior Safeguarding Practitioner is responsible for recording their decision making. 

The Senior Safeguarding Practitioner’s will be expected to chair adult safeguarding meetings as required. You will be required to advise and give direction in accordance with the Pan West Midlands Adult Protection Policy, and associated local procedures.  

The post holder is responsible for responding to concerns and enquiries and for regarding the alleged abuse of adults at risk that are brought to the attention of the Local Authority. It will be required that the post holder, either personally or through an investigating worker, gathers evidence, interviews witnesses and persons allegedly causing harm, and present their findings in report format and/or during minuted meetings.  

The Senior Safeguarding Practitioner will work in an outcome focussed manner which places the person at risk of abuse at the centre of the process.  

They will use their professional experience and judgement in recommending actions to reduce risk and minimise the re-occurrence of any concerns.  

The post holder will be expected to be able deal with conflict and maintain a robust position against challenge as required. 

The Senior Safeguarding Practitioner will hold a complex case load and work to enable the adult at risk to maintain or develop all aspects of daily living and to be as fully independent as possible in a safe and low risk environment.     

The post holder is directly accountable to the Strategic Safeguarding Lead (DASM). Duties will involve contact with the public, staff at all levels throughout the department and other Council departments and with staff of other agencies.