Senior Residential Child Care Worker

Location Dudley
Salary £17 per hour
  1. Develop and sustain effective working relationships between workers and the local community, colleagues and other agencies so as to promote collaborative working and partnerships.
  1. Assist the unit manager in the development of the team and individuals to enhance their performance by ensuring the provision of supervision, support, NVQ assessment, training and appraisal.
  1. Contribute to the effective and efficient use of the physical and financial resources. 
  1. Comply with the legal requirements relating to services, standing orders and financial regulations of the department.
  1. Contribute to the effective management of information which promotes communication between people, the organisation and others and which assists with making informed decisions.  To receive, transmit, store and retrieve information in line with good practice and departmental policy.
  1. Contribute to improvements at work, including the planning, co-ordination and implementation of specific projects and the development of policies, procedures and implementation of quality assurance systems.
  1. Establish, sustain and disengage from relationships with service users and their families.
  1. Contribute to the effective physical, social and emotional environment for group care which provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which children and their families can be offered the support, care and guidance they need.
  2. Contribute to the protection of children from abuse; evaluate the risk of abuse, failure to protect and harm to self and other people and ensure that all matters regarding the care and management of young people are reported in line with departmental policy and procedure.

  1. Promote people’s equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities and develop, maintain and evaluate systems and structures to promote them.