Senior Quality & Contracts Officer

Location Oxfordshire
Salary £27 per hour
  1. To assist the Quality & Contracts Manager (QCM) to develop, monitor and administer service agreements and contracts taking into account the views of users, carers, colleagues and other agencies
  1. To supervise and support a small group of staff in delivering contract management activities within the context of the council's commissioning strategy.
  1. In conjunction with the Quality & Contracts Manager to liaise with Lead Commissioners to review and renew contracts, internal and external service agreements and to assist where required to commission new services.
  1. To ensure that all services are managed in accordance with Directorate and Council procedures and that appropriate contract governance is maintained at all times
  1. To support Providers in achieving compliance with requirements in regulations, contracts or service agreements including trouble-shooting and advising, including Providers that do not currently have a Contract or Agreement with the Authority.
  1. To ensure continuous improvement of services, through discussion and good communication with people who use services, carers, providers and operational staff.

  1. Help to ensure that key services are delivered, reviewed, redesigned, and monitored in an open, transparent and commercial environment that ensures efficient use of resources for the council.
  1. To be personally responsible for managing a portfolio of contracts that may be both service area specific and cross cutting within a specified budget as required.

  1. Help design outcome based service specifications in consultation with colleagues and partners
  2. Ensure that outcomes for users, carers and families are at the centre of contracting activities and that plans are developed and implemented with their involvement.
  3. Ensure that all contracted services comply with the requirement to safeguard all children and vulnerable adults in line with current legislation.  Where appropriate escalate where this is an area for concern or where this is not being achieved to senior managers for action and for onward reporting to Safeguarding Boards.
  4. Support the interface with colleagues in operational teams so that there is close communication both formally and informally on shared work, and proportional and appropriate support to associated and linked work programmes.