Senior Mental Health Practitioner

Location Devon
Salary £38.00 - £40.50 per hour
The Agency Workers Regulations give Agency Workers the entitlement to the same basic employment working conditions as if they had been recruited directly, after 12 continuous calendar weeks.


To ensure compliance with the Regulations, the Assignment Manager, from day one of the assignment, will be responsible for ensuring that Agency Workers receive their entitlement to the following:
  • Equal access to collective facilities, e.g. car parking, canteen, childcare facilities etc
  • Access to information about job vacancies

After 12 weeks continuous calendar week’s service, Agency Workers will also be entitled to the following:
  • Equal pay (including overtime);
  • Equal working time (including overtime, breaks, rest periods and holidays);
  • Paid time off for antenatal appointments

We will contact you for the information we require should the assignment approach 12 continuous weeks of work. Please note that equal refers to ‘equal to an equivalent permanent employee in the same role or doing broadly similar work’.