SEND Advisory Officer

Location Enfield
Salary £18 - £22 per hour
To undertake, organise and develop the efficient and effective implementation of administrative procedures in relation to the EHC needs assessment and review of children/young people with special educational needs and disability ensuring compliance with statutory deadlines
• To ensure that appropriate provision and arrangements, including travel assistance, are made to meet the needs of pupils with SEND taking into account the efficient use of LA resources
• Provide written and verbal advice on the statutory procedures to parents, educational settings, Health and Social Services, support services and other agencies ensuring supportive, sensitive and constructive liaison so that decisions are well supported and have maximum potential for sustainability
• Take appropriate action including the negotiation and agreement of placement and provision of specialist support
• Write EHCPs taking all professional and parental advice into consideration.
• Attend and contribute to Multi Agency Meetings within educational settings to support the development and agreement of outcomes and provision.
• To chair Multi Agency Meetings, where appropriate, to co-ordinate the development and agreement of outcomes and provision.
• Consult and negotiate with headteachers and others to ensure that appropriate provision is made for pupils with SEND
• Maintain, review and amend EHCPs
• Liaise with other LAs in respect of children and young people moving out of borough/moving into Enfield
• Ensure arrangements for the appropriate placement of children with SEND in schools, Resourced Provision, Special Schools and other educational facilities/establishments as required
• To ensure that arrangements for travel assistance are considered and arranged as appropriate
• Attend meetings with educational settings and parents to work proactively to minimise the number of cases which are put forward to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST)
• Prepare relevant documents e.g. a chronology, in response to appeals to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal/legal proceedings.
• Assist the Senior Advisory Officers and SEND Service Manager with the preparation of case statements/documents in response to appeals to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal/legal proceedings.
• Liaise with Legal Services and witnesses for the LA, as required, in relation to appeals to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal/legal proceedings.
• Consult with educational settings, parents and other professionals in relation to placement, provision, reviews and the maintenance of EHCPs
• To undertake appropriate casework in respect of key transition stages and transport assistance for children and young people with SEN
• To produce a range of written correspondence, including draft responses to complaints or enquiries from MPs, Solicitors, parents, educational settings in conjunction with the Senior Advisory Officers and SEND Service Manager
• To monitor SEND contracts to ensure performance indicators have been reached
• To represent the SEND Service at a range of meetings/panels to present advice regarding pupils with SEND
• Make appropriate and timely inputs to the SEND data system as require
• Support the SEND Service Manager by assisting with the induction of new members of staff
• Contribute to Case Management meetings and support the service to identify solutions in relation to complex cases
2. Support and Guidance

• To provide support and guidance to operational support officers
• To assist the daily work of the operational support officers by identifying priorities and making operational decisions with regards to conflicting deadlines
3. Partnership working and training
• Attend meetings with parents, their advocates, parent groups, educational settings, Services or any stakeholder to resolve any disputes/disagreements/offer information regarding the business of the SEND Service
• Encourage and develop positive relationships with educational settings, parents and other agencies through high quality liaison and communication
• Consult and negotiate with educational settings and services in respect of children/young people with SEND to ensure that appropriate provision is made
• Participate in training of LA, school and college staff, Governors and other agencies in relation to the statutory processes and procedures
• Participate in inter-agency initiatives and priorities which are consistent with the needs of the SEND Section
• Liaise with Health and Social Services, voluntary groups and other agencies as required and work in partnership to develop provision for children/young people with SEN