Residential Practitioner -learning disabilities /Autism

Location Bradford, Bradford, England
Salary £10.77 - £12.97 per hour
To undertake the key worker role and implement care plans, devise behaviour management

plans ,risk assessments and health plans with support; this ensures children are cared for consistently.


To ensure that all children’s files are kept up- to- date and any remedial action  is taken

Promptly. This not only ensures information held on children is accurate, it contributes to the inspection process.


To supervise the day to day physical and emotional needs of the children in accord with

Racial;  Cultural; Religious; linguistic and dietary needs. This ensures children and young people are supported to go to school, enjoy leisure activities, stay healthy and also safe.


To participate in the development of Trainee Residential Practitioners. Sharing knowledge and experience with new starters.


To adhere to all the requirements in relation to the Safe Handling of Medication and follow all relevant procedures in line with Departmental Policy. Make sure children receive any medicines at the right dosage and at the prescribed times.


To ensure confidentiality of information in line with the Data Protection Act.


Responsibility to ensure that all mandatory training is undertaken and kept up –to –date.