Rehabilitation Officer Visual Impairment

Location Shropshire
Salary £30 - £35 per hour
To undertake specialist visual impairment assessments with the visually impaired person to identify their needs and aspirations to promote independent living.
To monitor the waiting list for service users with visual impairment waiting for assessment or information and advice.
To refer to other professional teams, agencies i.e housing, social care and voluntary organisations where further assessment or support is needed in these areas.
To plan a programme and support plan to meet the assessed rehabilitation needs which may include:
 Communication maximising residual vision for reading and writing and exploring the use of equipment for listening and guidance.
 Independent living skills enhancing independence and safety though the use of identified equipment and new techniques in personal care, nutrition, safety in the home i.e. kitchen, time management and personal organisation.
 Recreation and leisure offering practical advice and support to enhance interests and hobbies including linking with employment opportunities if applicable.
 Mobility and orientation learning and training where necessary, including long cane training, offer safety advice, whilst maintaining independence through the use of equipment and assistive technology.
To work directly with service users to meet assessed rehabilitation needs and/or work with carers service providers and other agencies to facilitate the identified rehabilitation plan.
To maintain a current working knowledge of the safe use of a wide range of specialist equipment.
To work with multi-disciplinary, multi-organisational teams, networks and systems.
To review rehabilitation programmes and reset goals and outcomes as appropriate and needed.
To offer direction and guidance to service providers and other agencies who are working as part of the holistic rehabilitation plan.
To advise and give information and guidance on the choice and availability of appropriate equipment as assed to aid daily living.
To keep up to date with the latest developments and advise management on all aspects of environmental aids and assistive technology for visually impaired people.
To maintain links with the Sensory Impairment team and provide information and advice with regard to visual impairment when necessary.
To provide information and training to other professionals, students and members of the public as required.
To liaise with other professionals and voluntary organisations.
To maintain and complete contemporaneous records both written and with regard to IT and databases as appropriate.
To maintain confidentiality with regard to service users.
To undertake other task as delegated by Team Manager for Sensory Impairment team.
These duties are illustrative and not exhaustive. The post holder will be expected to become involved in a range of work to enable the service to respond effectively to the changing requirements of the Council and changes affecting the workforce.