Quality Assurance and Improvement Officer

Location Bradford
Salary £38.00 - £40.50 per hour

1. To conduct audits to understand the quality of practice and the services being delivered to children and families.
2. Provide an overview of themes and practice issues from audits completed to inform recommendations to improve services for children and families in Bradford.
3. Review case files to ensure that recommendations for actions for monthly audits have been completed through a dip sample process.
4. To complete moderations to ensure that there is consistency in practice across all areas including a coaching discussion to support managers to develop confidence with auditing to develop a shared understanding of what good looks like.
5. Undertaking specific audits as required for case reviews or support for service.
6. Provide coaching to practitioners to enable them to understand audit findings and improve their practice.
7. Undertake training with managers on completing audits and grading to support a shared and consistent approach understanding the quality of services being delivered to our children and families.
8. Remain up to date and compliant with all relevant legislation and adhere to organisational procedures, policies and professional codes of conduct in order to uphold a high quality seamless service alongside identifying own continuing professional development needs and strive to meet these.
9. Provide/offer expert opinion within the organisation and others as a result of developing expertise in one or more areas of practice and acting as a member of a professional or Service Planning Group.
10. To participate continuously in professional development opportunities including regular supervision and appraisal in line with registration and Social Work England standards.
11. To act in accordance with the priorities and policies of the Department, actively promoting and supporting council policies on equality and working in an anti oppressive manner.