Qualified Social Worker- Adult's

Location Shropshire
Salary £26.00 - £28.50 per hour
In ICS Acute Hospitals and the community Shrewsbury, there is a vacancy for Qualified Social Worker. Social Workers will need to be flexible, working towards the Discharge2Assess Model, and be trained to undertake MCAs & BIs, experience in working the acute including A&E departments and community hospitals, including Out of County, and within the community with peoples' own homes. The Working hours are Monday to Friday 09.00-5.00, the candidate will participate in the Admission Avoidance Rota, the hours are 10:00hrs-18:00hrs, Saturday & Sunday 09:00-13:00hrs, (average 1in8).
This Order is currently open for Candidates. This period closes on Friday May 21 2021 at 17:00.

 The top 5 Candidates submitted during this period will be placed into a shortlist, for the Client to review.